Chairman’s message

It is indeed my pleasure and honor to express my heart-felt thanks to our value customers, partners and the people of Myanmar as well as the global friends and partners who anticipate a lot from us. I am really grateful for you overwhelming support in the past.
As a developing company, we must not only look into the future but also believe that is essential to occasionally look into our past from where we began. We should not expect Excellency of our past, listen to our clients, take the necessary and appropriate actions to meet their needs.
“Listen better. Plan better. Build better.”
In this new era of Myanmar Socio-Economic Development and Economic transaction, we envision ourselves to be one of the stake holders to develop the country. With unfailing spirit and dedication, we will continue to bring about welfare of the people and the development of U.S.O.

Our values

Objectives To develop and sustain as reputable business group both regionally and globally. To venture into International Business Sector. To…


U.S.O & Associate Construction Co.,Ltd was established and started its operation since 2002. Our Company is a member of the…
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