Commercial & Residential Projects

Although USO has been building housing & residential projects for more than a decade, it was just the beginning. It continued to be one of the active Real Estate Developers in the sector. At present, 4 high-rises apartments and 20 low-rises apartments are being built under the supervision of U.S.O. Its intention to built luxury apartments is to accommodate luxury living to more affluent society and low-cost, low-rises apartments for the low and middle income public. In every USO housing project the impact on environment or neighborhood have been taken into consideration. The quality is affirmed and the comfortable accommodation is being assumed in each of the U.S.O Real Estate Development. All the specifications of the buildings are in accordance with standardized systems. The projects are being implemented with core-forces of nearly 50 qualified personnel. The construction labor forces are varied based on the requirement of the projects. Some are on the contract basis and some are on the part-time basis.
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