Our values


  1. To develop and sustain as reputable business group both regionally and globally.
  2. To venture into International Business Sector.
  3. To partake a stake in the development of the country.
  4. To establish as one of the leading enterprises in the field of Construction.
  5. To fulfill the social requirement of local citizens based on prevailing circumstances through charity and social activities.

Our Mission

  1. Our projects are aimed to carry out with environment friendly approach.
  2. We implement the projects with the awareness to provide affordable accommodation for different status of people in the country.
  3. Acquirement of efficiency and know how technology through the Associate with Global Partners is the path we choose to take.

Our Vision

With the Innovation and Sustainable development, we have decided to provide better livelihood and living environment to the people of Myanmar and citizens of the world.

Chairman’s message

It is indeed my pleasure and honor to express my heart-felt thanks to our value customers, partners and the people…


U.S.O & Associate Construction Co.,Ltd was established and started its operation since 2002. Our Company is a member of the…
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